Caritas in Veritate Foundation

The Caritas in Veritate Foundation has had a full 2014 . We have organised many activities at the UN, prepared some important interventions, published two Working Papers and several Blueprints, and have seen new Universities join our network.


On the side of activities at the UN: we organized a seminar on International solidarity, and two side events, one on Christians in the Middle East and the other on Religion and Slavery. We also organized a conference for the 20th anniversary of the UN year of the Family. We also brought several experts to Geneva to assist us on topics ranging from religious freedom to nuclear deterrence.

Interventions at the UN

Based upon some of our work, H.E. Mgr. Silvano M. Tomasi and H.E. Marie Thérèse Pictet-Althann made several interventions at the UN you may find here. Of special relevance, based on their extraordinary quality, are two lectures given by the nuncio outside of the UN: the first on religious freedom and the second on the future of International organisations (English version coming soon).


The Foundation published two main Reports this year. The first was entitled, "Beyond the Financial Crisis: Towards a Christian Perspective for Action" which was dedicated to what comes after and beyond the financial and debt crisis. Entrusted to Paul Dembinski and Simona Beretta, this report was well received both at the UN (UNCTAD) and by the Pontifical Council Justice and Peace. The second is entitled, "Creating a Future: The Family as the Fabric of Society" which is dedicated to the importance of family in understanding migration, poverty and business. It is comprised of three essays, one by Laura Zanfrini, one by John Ashcroft and the last one by Michael Naughton, Ken Goodpastor and Ritch Sorensen. It has just been released. Both can be downloaded for free on our website. Don’t miss our different blueprints, especially the one on Religions and Slavery as well as the one on The Status of Freedom of Religion in the World

Upcoming activities and events

  • Presentation and discussion of the next FCIV Report on nuclear deterrence by Gregory Reichberg and Father Drew. In the face of nuclear proliferation, can the legitimacy of nuclear deterrence still be maintained? January 26 2015, Palais des Nations, Geneva.
  • A side event on religious freedom in Islamic countries. March 13 2015, Human Right Council, Palace of Nations, Room XXIII, Geneva.
  • A research seminar on "Death and dignity. The legal forms of an emerging human right to assisted suicide at the level of international law, Geneva, May 4.  
  • A research seminar on "New forms of poverty in Developed Countries". May 2015, Palace of Nations, Geneva.

Mission of the Caritas in Veritate Foundation

The Caritas in Veritate Foundation aims to provide the representatives of the Holy See, the Order of Malta and Catholic NGOs in Geneva with practical knowledge and with the rich experience of experts searching for an effective attainment of truth and justice. Our goal is to make the positions of the Catholic Church more understandable and visible, thus increasing their impact on the elaboration of international culture and law.

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